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An Alternative Art Suggestion

If you like SA music you will also love this local Cape Town artist. They do some of the most amazing oil paintings in the city and and their art is an investment. Make sure you check them out!

The Best Cheap Flights In South Africa

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We’ve recently joined the mailing list for a site called TravelHacking. They have some of the best flight specials we’ve ever seen in South Africa. Their cheap flights to Durban alerts are some of the best around! Make sure you also check out their article on ‘things to do in Durban’.

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While staying in Cape Town there are so many great places to see and visit! We encourage you to visit our partners from CapeTownInsider. There you will find the most interesting things to do in Cape Town! These guys have put the time and effort to build up this great site so make sure you don’t miss it!

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Be sure that you read our full article about Rehab Centres! And also check out Rehabilitation Centres In Johannesburg!

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